HTML5 for Mobile Apps

Anyone else thought they would jump on the HTML5 wagon for mobile development? I did as well and here is our story:

We have been working on two titles to release to IOS for 7 months, both should have taken 3-5 months tops with the team we have employed. We got all the way to the packaging part and the performance was horrible. We first tried phone gap for a packager and were not successful at keeping the performance up of the app it slowed way down to a point it looked like it was full of bugs. So we tried Cocoon next to see if that fixed the issues, while that packaging moved faster, we still could not dial in the performance we needed and smooth game play that has become expected in today’s App Store.

I do not want to knock either product as I cannot say it is their packager versus our groups inability to work with the packager and correct the performance issues, but did want to share our experience with other developers.

We chose HTML5 mainly because I would like to release mini versions of our games on our website for marketing and teasers, much like the days of trial versions of software.

I think the concept can work and may be something that helps gets the indie developer a fighting chance in today’s App world.

If anyone else is attempting to use HTML5 for mobile apps let me know I would love to talk with you.