The Importance of Having a Mobile App

Marketing is one of the most important parts of a business that is able to assure its success, and therefore it shouldn’t be ignored. Even if you don’t have the necessary budget to hire a professional marketer, you can easily promote your business. Nowadays you have at your disposal all the necessary tools in order to become well known, being able to show the world your true value. You have the possibility to create a website, to connect it to several social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, and to make a YouTube video that can easily become viral. But you probably know all this, since this has been the solution for the last few years. However, technology is advancing in a really fast manner, and therefore you should pay attention to the latest innovations from the market. 

Nowadays the mobile phones have managed to gain an increased popularity, being one of the most utilized devices from the world. It is enough to go outside and you will see that there are hundreds of people using their phones in public. And why shouldn’t they? If you think about it, they have Internet, online games, music, camera, and of course, apps. 

Apps are the new innovation from nowadays, and therefore they are used by everyone. They have begun their existence as something fun and entertaining, and right now they have managed to increase their power. If you are willing to take a close look around yourself you will see that all the respectable businesses have an app. They engage the users in a game that ends by gaining more customers. Maybe your competitor is developing a new app while you are thinking whether you should get one or not. Mobile websites are important, and they will always be, but the truth is that right now apps are essential. This year is a year dedicated to mobile phones, which can be considered to be mini computers. If you think about it, most of them are mini computers, and some of them are even better than a regular PC. A personal computer cannot take pictures or videos, cannot be taken to the mall, and it does not have apps. 

Marketing is famous for its adaptability, and therefore you should start adapting your marketing strategies to the new tendencies from the market. If you refuse to do this you may risk to remain alone because people believe that you are not cool. Therefore, you should seriously think about getting an app. In this way you will be able to entertain your customers, making sure that they are not migrating in more popular places where they can have more fun.

Now that you have all this information concerning the importance of mobile technology, you should make a decision that is the best for your business. Think about the amazing development of your business that may be possible if you follow this new trend from the market. 

Mobile App Revolution

With the introduction of mobile apps, we see that they have actually enabled individuals do business while they are mobile as opposed to those days when you actually needed a laptop or computer. The mobile revolution has actually helped in establishing businesses and growing them to the next level. This is because with the introduction of android and smart phones, you can input enough mobile apps that will go a long way in helping you work anywhere anytime. The importance’s of mobile apps in regards to businesses include;

Connects you with your customers

For any business to succeed it is always important to stay connected to the customers and this is in regards to any queries or complaints that arise. This has been considered as one of the top priorities for businesses if at all your goal is to excel in it. Doing this will enable you sell your products more and also give you an understanding of what your customers really need.

Markets your business

Mobile apps also help in marketing your business by reaching out to a large audience as opposed to the traditional methods of marketing. You also spend less when you invest in the correct mobile app that will help you market your business effectively.  This will help you garner more traffic to your site, which has the products and services and this will eventually elevate your business to the next level. This is about the mobile app connecting to the various social sites out there which will add to your growing number of customers.

Builds your brand

Your brand is what separates your products from the rest and it is imperative that you build it. It usually takes time to build and establish it but once this is done, the sky is the limit for you. An established brand has to only display its products and services for the customers to get hold of them. It does not require a lot of marketing and advertising since the products and services have got a brand that speaks for itself. Getting a mobile app helps in taking your business one step further in that particular direction.

Mobile devices are the future

Technology is evolving with each passing day and it looks like mobile devices will be the future and this is because one can almost do anything on them. There will come a time when mobile devices will be a requirement in doing virtual work and transactions among others. There will be no need for you to report to the office since this can be done via the mobile phones. More new and smarter mobile phones that are better than the last are being produced every day. They possess great features and apps that virtually do everything for you which is why people keep updating their phones.

Mobile apps have been proven to work, especially when it comes to taking businesses to the next level. So if at all you are in business and have not yet embraced mobile apps, do say and start enjoying the amazing benefits.

Business Adoption of Mobile Apps

We saw when websites first came out that the early adopters to the new technology reaped the reaped the rewards. Many refused to adopt something that has become and integral part of their business. Could you imagine a business today without a web site? Of course not!

I view mobile apps in the same light. Many business owners shy away from new technology. Is it fear of the unknown? Cost? Understanding of the technology?

I think as we progressed we will see more and more business adopt the app technology and our world become an even more mobile world. The app allows you to work from anywhere at anytime.

Statistics show that consumers prefer mobile apps over mobile web sites and the ability to have access to a customer 24/7 is something that the web has never been able to offer.

Who knows maybe I am a dreamer, but if I was a small to medium business this is the technology I would be seeking out and looking into.

Entrepreneurship mindset

I started NS804 a little over 2 years ago, it was started for fun and interest in the mobile app world.

Over the last two years it has evolved as I saw a need and an opportunity. The funny thing is what I see as an opportunity my customers have not quite realized yet.

That is the interesting thing about entrepreneurship most people
May not understand your idea or concept and if you do not accept that you are in trouble.

I had a friend tell me that line above and it made me think and rethink my strategy. I thought getting out there offering the service everyone would be on board and could not wait for a way to embrace this new technology called apps.

Instead it is the opposite many have no idea how it can help their business and quite frankly feel it will not. So I need to retool my line of thinking and adapt to overcome that.

I need to better at explaining why mobile, how and what it can give them in return. That is a tough task but I am going to try and tackle it!

Home screen of #RVA Beer app coming soon to #iOS and #Android. #RVAPRIDE #craftbeer #breweries

Home screen of #RVA Beer app coming soon to #iOS and #Android. #RVAPRIDE #craftbeer #breweries

Our logo concept for our newest app RVA Beer highlighting the craft beer explosion in the RVA. Showing GOS directions to breweries, social sharing and competition, rating system of brews and much more…

Our logo concept for our newest app RVA Beer highlighting the craft beer explosion in the RVA. Showing GOS directions to breweries, social sharing and competition, rating system of brews and much more…


Many times in life you we feel the urge to give up, give in maybe even quit. DON’T DO IT! What you have been working for is normally just on the other side of this feeling. We all are tested everyday the ones who rise to the occasion and push through succeed.

This is why I get up everyday and bust my rear to succeed. Find your inspiration today and hold on to it and never forget it. You can achieve greatness!

This is why I get up everyday and bust my rear to succeed. Find your inspiration today and hold on to it and never forget it. You can achieve greatness!

RVA Beer our newest concept

So many will not know this, but the RVA has blossomed as a hot bed of craft beer, honestly Virginia as a whole has. Seeing as though I live on the RVA and my business is in the RVA I started thinking how We could help spread the word about the RVA’s craft beer explosion. Solution, make an app so about three weeks ago we began working on this concept for RVA Beer, I know original title.

The concept is to make an app highlighting all breweries with a 50 Mile radius of RVA. Their products location and allow users of the app to rate the brews, share with friends and all that fun stuff. We are going to offer badges and points for each beer a user rates or shares allowing this to become a friendly competition.

The final kicker of this app we have not finalized is we would love to be able to offer redemption of those points for real life things at the breweries or discounted merchandise. That takes some support from the breweries coming on board.

This is still a rough concept, but we feel it is a solid one for the old RVA and are bouncing around an idea of hosting a brainstorming session at a local brewery so if any brew masters read this and are interested let us know at, we would love input from the brewers themselves.

Our new logo what do you think?

Our new logo what do you think?